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Name: Hanna Falk Cross
Series: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Status: Pending
Affiliation: String of Fates
An optimistic twenty-four year old ginger who is also a paranormal investigator. His past is a complete mystery, as is why he reeks of death. With his Zombie partner he manages to somehow not fuck up every case too badly, though he did throughly fuck one man's life but that's okay. Despite that setback, Hanna remains hopeful that he can really help people.
Name: Cynthia
Series: Pokemon
Status: Pending
Affiliation: PokeTumblr
Champion of Sinnoh and a leading authority on the mythology of Pokemon, Cynthia is a well-respected and loved individual not only in her region, but through out the Pokemon world. Classically trained pianist and conductor, Cynthia is highly intelligent among other things. She cares deeply about people but has trouble showing it sometimes, though those closest to her know how affectionate she is.
Headcanon blog. Used for character ideas, sheets, and your average headcanon. Updated only when I remember it exists.
Name: Jade Harley
Series: Homestuck
Status: Hiatus
Affiliation: String of Fates
A sixteen year old marksman who was raised by her stuffed grandpa and an omniscient pooch. She lived in seclusion for all of her life, her only contact to humans was through a computer, where she met her three best friends. After the SBURB session started, Jade's bravery was tested, and she rose to the occasion, becoming the Witch of Space.
Name: Riley Langston
Series: Original Character
Status: Pending
Affiliation: Monstrum Isle
Your typical disrespectful angel girl who wears hipster fashion and wants delivery. Riley fell from heaven (literally) years and years ago, it's been so long she's almost forgotten! Well not really, she's pissy and holds a grudge like a champ. She will automatically dislike you until you prove you are cool enough to be decent towards or if you get her some McDonald's.
Photo and music blog. Personal is blanked, this blog remedies that. New, not used yet, so no idea on the frequency of posts.
Name: Adelaide
Series: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Status: Pending
Affiliation: Independent
Too sassy to be alive, so it's no wonder she's dead. Adelaide is a +1,000 year old vampire (though she would never tell her real age) and is a very powerful, formidable vampire. She has a very nasty habit of stirring the pot with other beings, making her a hated figure in both vampire circles and by the humans that hunt or deal with them.
Name: Conrad Dillon Achenleck
Series: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Status: Pending
Affiliation: HINABN steampunk AU
This century's winner of the World's Worst Vampire and the esteemed Biggest Weenie Ever goes to Conrad. A ball of anger issues, neurosis, and loathing of everyone in existence (especially himself), but when it comes down to it, he's an actual decent guy, it's safe to say that he is a jerk with a heart of gold. Though he's new to the whole vampirism thing, he's getting use to it.
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